TVT Showcased the Latest Technologies, Products and Solutions in SICUREZZA2017


        SICUREZZA which has been successfully held from 15th Nov. to 17th Nov., 2017 brings various products related to security together, like alarms, fire fighting devices etc. Almost 60 countries and 40 government agencies have received the information of the exhibition from the huge international network propaganda of Fiera Milano Exhibition Center. TVT is invited to attend this exhibition and brings its latest products and technologies.

        SICUREZZA is not only the world’s largest security device and system fair but also the iconic exhibition of security in Europe. It is a most influential security exhibition in Italy and holds at Fiera Milano Exhibition Center in odd-numbered years.

      Based on the advantages of product itself, TVT bringing its advanced AI technologies (including face recognition, smart analytics) and industrial solutions appears in this exhibition, the pavilion of which attracts many visitors from different countries. Some Italian client says “Almost one-third visitors in the fair are talking about TVT”.

   Huge crowds in front of TVT’s pavilion

    By virtue of high quality products and perfect solutions, TVT has stood out from many security manufacturers in Italian market and won great reputation. Former President of the European Commission and Prime Minister of Italy, Romano Prodi believes that Italy is not only the gate to Europe, but also the pivot leading to North America.

     With the upgrading of the technology and security system, the civilian security market continues to enlarge in Italy. Additionally, some dramatic international events carried out spurs the financial expenditure of the state in the aspect of security. Doubtlessly, Italy will become a very important area in European security market. Thus, TVT will hit the European security market by developing local agencies from the hub to adjacent areas of Italy and with the help of artificial intelligence. 








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этот проект??находится в стадии строительства?...?

D? án ?ang ???c xay d?ng..

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The project is under construction...

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